Regular Show…

Here are some of our favorite Regular Show moments…

In the episodes:
1. Caffeinated Concert Tickets
2. Death Punchies
3. Grilled Cheese Deluxe
4. Mordecai And The Rigbys
5. My Mom
6. High Score
7. First Day
8. Go Viral
9. Karaoke Video
10. Karaoke Video
11. Slam Dunk
12. Weekend At Benson’s
13. Skips Vs. Technology
14. Eggscellent
15. Big Winner
16. Fuzzy Dice
17. Starter Pack
18. TGI Tuesday
19. Guys Night
20. Do or Diaper
21. A Bunch Of Full Grown Geese
22. Picking Up Margaret

Video Games arranged for Harp

Mandy arranged Video Games by Lana Del Ray for the harp! This is a rough demo, a more polished recording will be online soon!

Grace Potter…

Grace Potter is fantastic on this song.

Mandy Moore is the actress in the movie and also sings many of the songs herself.